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Port Call Optimization Process
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Port Call Optimization is about optimizing speed, draught and port stay, leading to lower costs, cleaner environment, more reliability and safety for Shipping, Terminals and Ports”. Please open the flyer for agenda, members and endorsers.



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To improve a process together all stakeholders first need to agree how this process looks like, based on international contracts and IMO resolutions which apply to any port and trade.

Business process shipping general



To understand the scope of the data in this process international jurisprudence and industry best practices have been put together in a handbook

Business process appendix


Functional definitions
Data definitions
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Based on the scope of the data first functional definitions were agreed on allowing people to speak the same language. The definitions were sourced from existing standards within the shipping industry and published via the glossary of the UKHO’s Mariners Handbook (NP100).

Functional definitions 5.5


Data definitions were agreed on allowing machines to speak the same language. Again definitions were sourced from existing standards within the shipping and supply chain industry

Port Information Manual



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